From childhood, he learned to abuse; in adulthood, he mirrored, saw, then changed

Doc the barber, the author, the former professional football player, the son of a carpet-layer, and the inspiration to his community, Anthony “Doc” Hamilton–this passionate, deep-spirited man–opens up and identifies himself as someone who, as the article‘s title says, “used to beat women”. And, shockingly, I identify positively with his story.

Though I can’t stand the kind of man he was, I’m glad the man he is today decided to stand up and say what he had to say, at this time, and in this way.

If life’s about moving beyond setbacks, breaking through shackles, and growing to become better than one was before, then we should welcome the introspective experience that got Anthony Hamilton to change his ways, and eventually, to tell his story.

“The first time I remember hitting a female, I was about 17 years old,” Hamilton writes. “She’d done nothing to offend me. It was just something about my being in control and my wanting her to understand: I was stronger than her. I was a man.

“How empty I must have been to have thought that my being larger than she was would ever make me more powerful. What I was, was ignorant and emotionally impotent.” What he was, he explains, is a product of his upbringing, a mirror image of his father.

Follow this link to read more, and watch this video profile of Hamilton’s life. I’d love to get your reaction.