Game of Thrones author champions Senator Tom of House Udall

It was recently announced that George R.R. Martin, the 65-year-old author behind the popular fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire–the basis for the popular HBO show Game of Thrones–is hosting a fundraiser on October 7th for first-term Democratic Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico. The event will be held at Santa Fe’s art house Jean Cocteau Cinema, which Martin purchased last year.

Martin, who resides in Santa Fe when he is not busy spending time killing your favorite characters in the Seven Kingdoms, has long been a vocal liberal on his personal blog. He authored a scathing blogpost during the 2012 election season, directed towards the GOP’s efforts at limiting voter turnout of primarily poor and minority communities.In what amounts to the verbal equivalent of being cut by Valyrian steel, he labeled Republican voter suppressors as “oligarchs and racists clad in the skins of dead elephants.” Ouch…

Here’s hoping that the best-selling writer’s fundraiser goes better than most of the social gatherings in his books, where guests have a tendency to be beheaded, poisoned, stabbed, and/or defenestrated [word of the day: thrown (a person) out a window].