There’s reefer, and there’s madness, but the connection between the two is a little half-baked

Reefer Madness was a movie made in 1936 to steer young Americans away from the perils of smoking marijuana. Some of the supposed effects of this illicit substance, as shown in the film, include extreme tension, murder, suicide, and a spiral towards moral decay that seems *just a touch* removed from anyone’s version of reality. Except, on a bad day, maybe this guy.

In real life, it seems a lot more likely that someone who’s just smoked marijuana will be excessively lazy or hungry than excessively murderous. Yet, despite all evidence to the contrary, socially aware videos like this one still have to resort to satire in order to counteract this bizarre, antiquated myth that would have weed policed like a hard drug, and alcohol distributed like it’s orange juice. Would you be surprised to learn that every .01 hours, someone in the United States is arrested for having marijuana on them; and a black person is 3.73 times more likely to be arrested than a white person? Despite posing absolutely no threat to public health, people are being arrested in troves for possession of a non-narcotic substance, deemed felonious; yet, as the law stands, there’s little action we can take to correct this problem.

On the bright side of progress, I am glad that at least not as extremely out of touch today as back when there were people who would commission a film like Reefer Madness. It actually makes me wonder, what were THEY smoking? Really, I’m not sure it was weed.

Have a look at this throwback and tell us if you agree: