Alicia Keys reminds us why #WeAreHere, and urges others to take up a cause

Singer and songwriter Alicia Keys–you may have heard of her and her fifteen Grammys before–recently lit the worlds of social media and music on fire with her #WeAreHere campaign and its accompanying song. The We Are Here movement challenges her millions of fans to educate themselves and advocate for various social justice causes around the world, such as working to alleviate poverty and assisting those suffering from HIV and AIDS.

Keys donated $1 million of her own money to twelve prominent charitable and social action organizations. These organizations, among others, have heeded the call to action and partnered with the #WeAreHere movement to champion some of the most pressing social issues of today:

Keys describes her call to action originating from the emotionally fraught experience of seeing so many stories of tragic events in the news over these past few months. She, like the rest of us who’ve spent this summer numbed by the news of what’s been going on both at home and abroad, found herself stewing on one of the most fundamental philosophical questions for humanity: Why are we here?

“I want to gather an army,” Keys told the New York Times’ Bill Kristoff. And just like that, celebrities and everyday people alike flocked to social media to post responses in solidarity with Keys’ campaign. In the spirit of joint leadership, we at Democratic Voices decided to answer the call as well, teaming up with our friends at Precision New Media to explain why #wearehere, and why we love to do what we do.