Alicia Keys’ spoken word poem sends a powerful message, about finding the self imprisoned in words unsaid

The performance is of Alicia Keys’ poem “P.O.W.” from her book “Tears for Water,” published in 2005. She performed it in 2008 at Def Poetry Jam. If you’re interested, you can purchase her book here.

Every time I listen to this poem, it speaks more and more to me.

Sometimes it can be difficult to speak up. We have all been in those situations where we see something wrong, but can’t force ourselves to say or do something about it. We search through our minds to try to find reasons as to why we should remain silent, and we let our excuses guide our response.

Maybe we wish we could talk to that certain someone, but we end up stopping ourselves. We feel imprisoned in ourselves, by ourselves.

We all will have different interpretations of this poem, but I think we all can feel it’s pretty difficult not to shiver as she walks off stage.