Do you #CareLikeCrazy about voting rights, student loans, war, women’s rights, the environment? Then VOTE.

You’re probably familiar with the organization Rock The Vote, but have you heard of their new #CareLikeCrazy video campaign, designed to provide young people with more reasons to vote in the 2014 Midterm Election?

The premise of the campaign is issue-driven provocation, using parodies of real-world points of view that run counter to the values that many young people (and all people, alike) have reason to stand up for at the polls.

These politically-mediated focus issues include student loan debt, voter ID laws, equal pay for women, environmental protection, and wars being fought by the U.S. abroad.

The videos from this Rock The Vote campaign are definitely punchy, provocative, and in many ways informative too. Every video ends with a reminder to everyone watching that the people who hold these (largely unlikeable) views, they VOTE; so you should too.

Take a look through this list of #CareLikeCrazy videos, and share the ones you like with the people you know on social media. Time is running out to change their minds about the importance of voting this year–midterm election day is THIS Tuesday, November 4th!

1. If you care like crazy about voting rights… Then you need to be sure your voice is heard. Cast your ballot for the people who would fight to make our voting system more democratic, and encourage others to do the same. Because people like this woman exist in large numbers… and she, and all her friends, vote.

2. If you care like crazy about student loan debt reform… Make sure you let guys like this one know you’re not going to just sit back and let them decide your financial future. Because he, and people who think like him, they vote–and not with your interests in mind.

3. If you care like crazy about the destructive force of U.S. wars abroad… Try to counteract the votes of people like this guy, who are motivated by their own greed. Because people who make money manufacturing arms, they lobby Washington, and they vote for people who would vote for war.

4. If you care like crazy about equal pay for equal work… Then you need to show up on Tuesday and vote. Because guys like this misogynist, and others who think just like him, THEY VOTE, and it’s not for policies that in any way strive for equal treatment for equal genders.

5. If you care like crazy about environmental protection policies… Then you need to vote like the world depends on it. Because there are people–many people–who think just like this guy, and who vote believing that the environment is a lost cause.

6. If you care like crazy about women’s rights… Don’t let guys like this one have the last word. Because if he casts a ballot and you don’t, that’s one step in the wrong direction.

7. If you care like crazy about increasing voter turnout among minority groups, in this case of Asian Americans… Then you need to remind everyone to get to the polls before Tuesday and cast their votes! Because as this video reminds us, YOU have the hand of power.