Spoken word poetry inspires us to break the ‘cycle of perpetual spending, a disposable culture with no sign of ending’

Have you ever felt the need to try and keep up with the Joneses? Or been tempted by the allure of a sales rack or the latest iPhone release, even when you knew full well that your bank account was running low on cash?

I think that even the most frugal of us can relate to those feelings occasionally, which is understandable considering the consumer-driven and product-obsessed economy we’ve come to know. After all, it’s difficult to even drive down a highway, turn on a television, or open up a magazine without being bombarded by reminders that we need to buy stuff, more and more stuff. Our daily lives are marked by these messages telling us that consumption will make us happy, regardless of the consequences that that sort of deceiving mindset will have for either our wallets or the environment.

Just think about this: As of September 2014, Americans have incurred a whopping $11.63 trillion in debt, including $880.5 billion in credit card debt alone.

If this sort of mindless consumption troubles you as it does me, then you’ll likely relate to the message of spoken word artist Gary Turk. Have a look.