Watch this London-based economics reporter go off on banking corruption, market rigging, systematic wrongdoing

It’s like a rallying cry for the account-holding masses. And it’s coming from a newsman.

Isn’t it wonderful when a report starts off with a bit of reflection?

“I am actually just sick of that corner, that corner over there where RBS is interviewing. I’m just sick of it,” Channel 4 News’ economics editor Paul Mason exclaims. “After six years, why do we have to keep coming to do it?!”

[Rant cuts, actual story coverage begins…]

“Well, I’m here again at RBS, because–yet again–they’ve done something wrong; but they’re not the only ones! There’s five U.K. banks whose foreign exchange traders ripped off their own clients.”

In all seriousness, there are actually some very valuable insights to gather from this man’s frustrations, as you’ll hear as the video goes on. OR, you can just take it for what it is: a news story that’s really easy to love… the story, that is. Not the news.

It’s about time someone was able to cut through all the [fill in the blank] in finance.

Thanks, Paul Mason, for your candidness.