The case of the ‘Gynotician’: What conservative control of Congress could mean for the future of women’s health

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This hilarious video uses wit and satire to illuminate the absurdity of the notion that we should give politicians the power to limit women’s healthcare options. Considering that we will soon have a Republican majority in both Chambers of Congress (and all the policies that may be pushed as a result of their takeover), it seems like this message couldn’t possibly come at a better time.

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have already openly stated that repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is one of their top priorities, which would eliminate the newly gained affordable options that have already improved the healthcare provided to millions of women across America.

Before Obamacare, women paid approximately $1 billion more than men, annually, for the same coverage, gender-adjusted. Insurers could legally deny women health-coverage for absurdly categorized “pre-existing conditions”such as being the victim of a sexual assault, the victim of domestic violence, or for having had a Cesarean section.

Now, however–as it stands–the ACA ensures that women cannot be denied coverage for a preexisting condition, even if they’ve been diagnosed with something as life-threatening as breast cancer. Sadly, before the ACA was approved, over half of women in America lacked sufficient healthcare services for their needs, and had to go without treatment options–that could be potentially life-saving–on account of them being unaffordable.

Since its implementation on August 1st of this year, the ACA has worked to provide millions of women with a number of preventive services [i.e.: annual well-woman visits, testing and screenings for threats such as HPV, HIV, gestational diabetes, etc., as well as contraceptive methods, counseling, and much more] that work to help keep women healthy, effectively preventing the occurrence of more serious and costly issues in the future.

In the video featured above, comedian/”gynotician” David Cross mentions that conservatives have tried 37 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act. At this point, they’ve tried 54 times. As Cross explains (from an appropriated viewpoint): “This isn’t some crazy socialist utopia where all the citizens get access to universal healthcare no matter what… This isn’t France, or Italy, or Canada, or Sweden, or Denmark, or Iceland, or Australia, or Finland. The point is, this is America.” Yes… This is America.

With the passage of the ACA, it felt like we, as a country, finally took a few steps forward in the fight against gender discrimination in the doctor’s office, by affirming–in policy–the equality of treatment owed to women and their health. Now I’m afraid, we’re about to be pushed back.