Are people born gay? Yes, they are, and this clip from ‘For the Bible Tells Me So’ has the science to prove it

The above video is a clip from the award-winning documentary For the Bible Tells Me So (currently available to stream on Netflix). While the film, on the whole, is amazing and emotionally resonant, this specific clip is particularly informative–about the physicality, the science, behind homosexuality.

Unfortunately, whether or not homosexuality is a choice that can be un-made by an individual–as many Bible-thumpers would like to believe–is still a matter of public debate, despite the huge amount of scientific research proving that it is in fact a natural occurrence. That’s even without citing the most obvious evidence we have in this world–namely, all the wonderful souls we know and love, who are proud and open about who they are, clear to their very core, and who show us that for so many people, being gay in this world is simply a matter of being who you are.

Whenever I personally find myself in a debate about this topic, I always ask the person of opposing viewpoint to first consider the overwhelming amount of inequality experienced by the gay community today, and then ask themselves: “Why would someone choose to be gay?” The saddest thing of all is that I’ve actually heard so many gay people say they wish they weren’t gay, because life would be so much easier for them if they weren’t born into a demographic that is so frequently and openly discriminated against by society.

So, given the discrimination, the hate, the bigotry, and the as-yet-unbeaten legal barriers to equality facing the gay community, why would anyone choose, for any reason but physical necessity, to change his/her entire lifestyle to only have sexual relationships with members of the same sex, if they are actually heterosexual? What motive would there be for one to do that? Moreover, how could they? Sexual desire is a natural thing–it’s something you can’t control. You either are attracted to someone, or you are not.

Some things in life are really complicated. Rest assured, this is not.