‘You can’t sit with us,’ say World Leaders to Vladimir Putin; then Russia’s president tries to give Obama a backrub

Two weeks ago, international leaders met in Beijing, China to discuss economic development around the world. Then, many of these leaders traveled to Australia for the after-party–a.k.a. another meeting–The G20 Summit.

In both of these events, the world leaders made it pretty clear they are not happy with Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin.

“The isolation that Russia is currently experiencing will continue,” President Obama said.

“If [Putin] continues to destabilize Ukraine, there’ll be further sanctions, further measures, and there will be a completely different relationship between European countries and America on the one hand, and Russia on the other,” Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron elaborated.

Even the friendly Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper greeted Russia’s President coldly. “I guess I’ll shake your hand,” Mr. Harper reportedly said to Putin, “but I have only one thing to say to you: you need to get out of Ukraine”.

After all this criticism, Putin up and left the summit early. His excuse? “It would be nice to be able to sleep for four or five hours”. Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the Russia-Ukraine border.

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So, with the world’s leaders all holding Russia at arms length thanks to Putin’s land-grabbing urges, it’s no wonder Vlad’s gesture to President Obama last week in Beijing was met with a rather un-cordial reaction:obama-and-putin (1) Personally, I think the conversation probably went something like this: obama-and-putin caller ID

Or maybe like this:  obama-and-putin Browns

Or possibly like this:  obama-and-putin shake it off

Maybe the moment got a little candid: obama-and-putin can we just

Or maybe they were listening to what Meghan Trainor’s mama told her:obama-and-putin Kardashian

It’s possible Putin’s lack of basic geographic understanding was discussed:obama-and-putin boundaries

But I digress.

How do YOU think Obama and Putin’s brief exchange went that day? You can use the image below to add your own captions, and share with us your fantastic humor. We might even send our favorites to the Kremlin. How fun is that?!obama-and-putin blank