The one song that has ever made me cry: A beautiful tribute to the heroism of our soldiers

We have high expectations for our service members. When the country is in danger and we know there are armed conflicts going on on the other side of the world, our men and women in uniform are the ones who step up and sacrifice so much of their own mental and physical health to help us remain safe and prosperous here at home. Without much publicity or attention for their efforts day in and day out, the members of our armed forces go through hell and back again to serve us and the missions of our country. It’s an impossible task to even begin to say thanks for all that they’ve done.

On Memorial Day and every day, we want you, our soldiers, to come home and be our good mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and friends. For all that you have given us, we truly thank you for your service.

The lyrics to the ‘Lightning Rod’ by Guster below:

Standing on a building
I am a lightning rod
And all these clouds are so familiar
Descending from the mountain tops
The gods are threatening
But I will return an honest soldier


Steady on this high-rise
Like every lightning rod
And all these clouds are boiling over
Swimming in adrenaline
The sky is caving in
But I will remain the honest soldier