Facebook’s ‘I’m a voter’ app reveals that voting is so cool it’s contagious, and they have the data to prove it

It’s always been fun getting a voting sticker that tells the world, ‘Yea, I’m an American citizen. Deal with it.’ You make sure that sticker goes where people can see it – on your jacket, water bottle, brief case, car, forehead, and now…. your Facebook page! Recognize this?voting sticker facebook

Ok, I’ve declared it. I’m a voter. So what happens next?Voting Sticker post

Your friends can “like” the fact that you just voted?! Is there ANYTHING cooler? It turns out those nerds (who I strive to be one day) that conceived of this idea can’t confirm whether or not it’s the COOLEST thing ever, but they can confirm that an additional 340,000 people voted┬áin 2010 because of this little button. How did they do this? By painstakingly cross-referencing all the names of those who cast ballots on the day of the election with the names of those who engaged with the “I’m a voter” feature on election day, and analyzing the overlap to determine influence. Overall, those who saw the “I’m a voter” app were 2% more likely to click on it, and .4% more likely to go vote than Facebook users in either of two control groups, one that received only a generic election reminder, and another group that received no reminder at all.

According to Facebook, 6,925,353 shared that they were voting on Tuesday through the “I’m a voter app”. We’ll wait and see once the number-crunchers have returned results, how many additional people actually ended up voting during this election cycle due to Facebook’s grassroots engagement tool.