It’s Repeal Day–the anniversary of the End of Prohibition! Toast to that with a Fat Tire beer, for all these reasons…

Today, December 5th, is Repeal Day, the anniversary of the passage of the 21st Amendment! In case you don’t remember from your history class, that’s the one that allowed Americans to freely drink again, by repealing the 18th Amendment’s ban on alcohol. (You know how, when you turn 21, you can legally drink? When the 21st Amendment rolled around, Americans could legally drink too. Yee haw!).

That’s enough history. The point here is, it’s a good thing we legalized the consumption of alcohol, because that’s how we got awesome companies like New Belgium Brewing!

If you are looking for something to drink to in order to celebrate Repeal Day, look no further than New Belgium Brewing. As a company, it is incredible to its employees, environmentally conscience, and still manages to bee the 3rd largest craft brewery in the United States, behind Sierra Nevada and Boston Brewing Company (Sam Adams). Yep, it’s the shiz. And you can drink, not only to it, but with it. As the drink. In your hand. Get it? Good.


If there is anywhere that you would want to work, it is New Belgium Brewing. Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, New Belgium is pretty much the coolest place to work, and its 480 owners, er… employees agree. It’s easy to get confused when 100% of the company’s stocks are OWNED by its employees. You know how there’s that whole idea that companies have to put their shareholders first? Well, how cool is it that the shareholders who are put first by this company are the actual employees?

New Belgium is known for its beer Fat Tire, which has an old-school bike on its logo. new belgiumSo what does a company with bikes on its beers do for its people? Every new employee of New Belgium gets one of those “Fat Tire bikes” after working for the company for one year. Sure beats that office party celebrating your one-year anniversary with the company. Oh, you never got one of those? Neither did I or pretty much anyone else….. *sad face*.

OK, time again for happy, toastable thoughts. For one thing, after every shift, employees gets to finish off the day with a cold one. On the house. And then, they get to go home with a few company-paid benefits including health care premium, 10 paid holidays, time-off to go vote (awesome, yay democracy), as well as all these other benefits that makes working at New Belgium seem like everyday is a day in adult Disney World. Or perhaps these are just all the benefits of a job well done that every major business should give to its employees. I’ll toast to that. *Clink*.


New Belgium wants to do what it can to continuously grow to become a more sustainable company. Pretty cool idea, right?

Think hybrids are a good idea from earth’s perspective? No surprise here then–a hybrid is the official company car. Then, instead of giving bus tours of the downtown area, tourists and visitors ride the classic Fat Tire Bikes. Last I heard, bikes get like a bazillion miles per gallon of gas.

Do you hear anything right now? I hear the wind blowing. I wonder if it powers anything. Oh yea, NEW BELGIUM IS COMPLETELY POWERED BY WIND! The owners, er, employee operatives, or whatever they’re called, also voted to include solar power too. I feel like if they got any more environmentally conscious, they’d be a Beer-Power Company. Or Germany.

A company with values like this just keeps going above and beyond. In their sustainability report (because that’s what craft brewers do, make sustainability reports), they casually mentioned that they started a movement of 30 breweries called Brewers for Clean Water, a coalition that lobbies the government for clean rivers. Because brewing beer with clean water sources just seems like a good idea. Don’t you think?


We honestly didn’t even come close to mentioning all the great things that New Belgium does, but if you’re looking for a nice drink that pairs well with Cincinnati’s Skinny Piggy Kombucha, skinny piggy kombucha

or casually competes with Cleveland’s Great Lakes Brewing Company’s world-renowned quality, great lakes brewing

or something great that properly celebrates Repeal Day, enjoy a New Belgium Fat Tire today! new-belgium-fat-tire-glass-575

*Note, we are not sponsored by any of the above companies, we just like them all. A lot. Like, go and buy one of each NOW!