‘We shoulda done that the whole time’: Fallon finds a way to make Obama’s urge to vote a little more ‘catchy’

We all know that the voter turn-out in the November 2014 midterm election was less than ideal (actually it was the lowest turn-out in 70 years). Still, despite the President (among others) urging us to “vote–vote vote vote vote“, maybe the problem is we just weren’t being catchy enough! I mean, how are we supposed to grab the youth vote if all our ‘Get Out The Vote’ messages are being drowned out by Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass??

That’s why Jimmy Fallon’s remix of Obama’s “vote–vote vote vote vote,” set to the tune of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off, is nothing if not a stellar innovation in messaging. Just as Jimmy says at the end, “we shoulda done that the whole time.” Yep… Here’s to next time.