‘Our species is young and curious and brave. It shows much promise’: To curiosity, science, & imagination

Engineers don’t get enough credit. Just take a look at the news and see what’s got people’s attention. A photoshopped image of Kim Kardashian, a senator that bears striking resemblance to a turtle, , a new album proving that Taylor Swift is (as we all secretly knew) a very talented musician, or the Browns’ continuous but forlorn search for a consistent quarterbackMitch McConnell, John CornynDon’t get me wrong, all these stories have some share of real importance (albeit a small one, depending on which). I just wish that we paid more attention to the incredible accomplishments coming through fields with a little less notoriety, by people not know for their bubble butts or turtliness–like scientists and engineers.

Did you know that NASA is planning on sending humans to Mars by the mid 2030s? The capsule called ORION that will be taking these astronauts will be traveling so fast that it could go around Earth TWICE in 4.5 hours. That’s how long it takes some (very slow moving) people just to get out of bed in the mornings.

Or, how about a startling new scientific discovery much closer to home and everyday life. I mean, have you ever even thought about how touch screens work? touch screens

I know I’m not alone. Scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and geniuses of every variety, what you guys and gals do blows my mind. So here’s to you and to all the future generations that will continue to astound the rest of the human race. TO curiosity, imagination, science, and everything that comes from our urge to make sense out of the world around us.