CleanTurn: a community-based social enterprise working to foster prosperity, sustainability in Columbus

One of the major challenges in eradicating poverty is the shortage of companies and businesses willing to employ men and women who experience high obstacles to finding traditional employment. That said, we’ve recently discovered that Columbus, Ohio is, in fact, home to an innovative company, called CleanTurn International LLC, which aims to do just that!

CleanTurn is a community-oriented social enterprise that offers services such as landscaping, interior demolition, cleaning, and other types of general labor. But what makes this company really unique are the three main objectives on which they base their business model:

  1. Being a for-profit business, CleanTurn directs their revenue towards self-expansion, as well as investing in the development and training of their staff
  2. Hiring and and training employees that generally experience great obstacles to employment otherwise, in an effort to ease the strain of poverty and recidivism on the community that they serve
  3. Exhibiting conscious dedication to sustainability through recycling and re-purposing of construction debris & scrap metal to the highest degree possible

Social issues including poverty, crime, and unemployment are all challenges that every major city faces. CleanTurn, through its operations, is proving to be a unique and valuable economic asset to the Columbus community, by offering employment opportunities to some who might otherwise be caught in a cycle of chronic unemployment. Its triple-bottom-line approach to corporate governance is admirable, and it seems that their clients love the work that comes of it!

To learn more about CleanTurn, watch the video below, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or visit their website.

Work with CleanTurn! from CleanTurn International on Vimeo.