America, meet Lego John Kasich. He rules Ohio with a plastic fist, and he really wants to be your next President.

If you ask me what my favorite Twitter account of 2015 is, I’ll be quick to recommend you follow @LegoJohnKasich. Let me share with you why…

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.35.46 AM

In April, Molly Ball of The Atlantic wrote a piece on Ohio’s Governor John Kasich and his potential 2016 presidential run. The article was titled: “The Unpleasant Charisma of John Kasich.” The headline tells it all.

Prickly. Narcissistic. Energetic. Loose cannon. Passionate. Ambitious. In human form, as in Lego, Gov. Kasich has some pretty memorable characteristics.

Meanwhile, Lego Johnny, as the Lego man behind this handle often refers to himself, captures all of the Governor’s “unpleasant charisma,” while spotlighting the absurdity of the 2016 GOP field and pre-primary chaos that’s currently ensuing. The tweets are in all-caps, littered with Kasich catchphrases, and usually including a photo of Lego Kasich with concerned [read: frightened] citizens. Here’s what you need to know about Lego John Kasich:

He’s on it with 2016 analysis.

Sometimes it feels like he’s saying everything that Governor Kasich is thinking. Not that we usually have to wait for that.

He gives us updates on the real John Kasich’s 2016 status.

Lego Johnny is very good at interacting with the media.

Oh, and he’s not afraid to fight back. Watch out, Donald Trump.

I’m moderately concerned that Lego Johnny offered me an internship without any vetting. But hey, I’ll take it.