GOP candidates say the darnedest things: 3 indications that Americans are outgrowing conservatism, growing weary of GOP ideology

At the beginning of the GOP debates last night, I watched with the fear in the back of my mind that–because we’ve had two terms of a Democrat in the White House–it might be an actual possibility to have a Republican win the Oval Office in 2016, fully-loaded with a republican Congress (OH NO!). However, after some gut-busting laughs with family and friends as we watched the debate unfold, I can honestly say that I no longer fear the possibility of ANY of these front-running GOP candidates actually becoming our next president. It just does not seem, after listening to their policy positions and hearing the response from the Republican-supporting crowd that was in attendance, that there’s anything any one of these individuals can do (apart from successfully lie) to get 50+% of American voters to vote for him.

Do you agree? Could America be out-growing conservatism in the year 2015? Let’s explore this, shall we?…

1.) They are completely out-of-touch with “Joe the Plumber” (2008 presidential race throwback-reference!)

Racial injustice–most notably in the form of “another cop kills unarmed black citizen” headlines that have been plaguing our news stations, neighborhoods, and the souls of our cities for countless months (but really centuries)–was only brought up in the form of a question ONE TIME in last night’s debate, and to little consequence in terms of actual conversation generated among candidates on the debate stage.

This is actually the most important issue to many voters–Fox News even identified before the debates that in Ohio, in particular, “racial issues” is the #1 issue on people’s minds–and the reason they will not vote for a Republican candidate, unless, perhaps, the GOP can conjure up some sort of meaningful record reversing institutional racism and completely remaking the DNA of their party in the next, eh, week or so.

The lack of this topic on the debate stage last night blatantly reveals the GOP’s (and Fox News’) genuine lack of interest in the equality/opportunity–and SAFETY–of the black community, and shows how out-of-touch they are with the American people!

2.) FoxNews wants to know, “does God talk to you, has he mentioned what America should do?” (Is he cool? Tell him I said hi!)

So, okay, I obviously paraphrased the real question that was seriously asked to the presidential-hopefuls last night, but more or less, the above characterization is on point with the absurdity of what the Republicans’ home network thought to include in this first debate. The question came from Chase Norton on Facebook, who said: “I want to know if any of them have received a word from God on what they should do and take care of first.” C’mon, conservatives! What are you really doing including this question in the debate? While it allows them to target the religious-right of the Republican party, a question like this also acts as another wedge between the hard-right of the GOP and moderate Americans (and moderate, secular conservatives), who do in fact acknowledge the explicit separation of Church and State entrenched in our Constitution.

The right identifying as the Christian Party, moreover, is objectively hypocritical given their stances on the majority of issues in which Christian values are on display–what would Jesus do, one might wonder? A man who constantly preached about giving the excess of your wealth to those who need it most? Hmm…certainly doesn’t sound like a man who would support tax cuts for the wealthy as the cure-all to an economy where the richest few keep getting exponentially richer, 14.5% of people live in poverty, and the median household income for middle class families is stagnant.

3.) Republicans say the darnedest things! But would we be listening to it if not to make fun of the whole charade?

Probably the best reason that proves we don’t take Republican candidates seriously is the outpouring of memes expressing the inner thoughts of most Americans, and definitely most millennials (who are quickly becoming largest voting bloc, outnumbering baby boomers).






The Republican debate felt, frequently, like an SNL skit about the Republican debate. Pinch me, am I watching real candidates for president share their real policy proposals with the nation at large? Seeming so not so.

Many of us more liberal-minded folks tuned into this debate with the main goal of being thoroughly entertained, thanks largely to the dominant presence of GOP frontrunner (I kid you not) Donald Trump. Many articles on the debate cam with suggestions on how to turn it into a hilarious drinking game! So, what does this prove? That most of us can’t take ANY of these candidates seriously, and, by extension, that’s how we feel about the Republican party. “Maybe I don’t even take this party seriously anymore?” would be a reasonable thought to come into the mind of any rational, thinking citizen after watching the way this election cycle is shaping up on the Republican side. Can we imagine a universe in which Donald Trump actually becomes president? NO, but a significant portion of the GOP base does!

Most of us just aren’t taking very seriously the idea of an entertainer being a good public servant for society–except, of course, in the case of one!

So, readers, THIS is why I am no longer afraid of a conservative White House in 2016. DING! DING! The fight is over. Democrats, by default, will win! Republicans have radicalized themselves out of commission, with help from the racist-evangelist movement from the extremist portion of their party (and the scariest portion of America). America has seen the light!

Sure, there’s the possibility I’m being overly optimistic about this; but, I’d rather that at this point than to forget that we are SO early in the 2016 election cycle, and right now are being invaded with GOP politics because, hey, they were eager to debate!