Ohio voter, veteran, resident of Delaware County, Sam Kindred discusses the importance of voting from the POV of a former military serviceman

In this original DemVoices podcast, Delaware County resident Sam Kindred gives his unique perspective on just how important voting is.


With over 30 years of military service, followed by a tenure as Vice President for Business and Finance at Washington State University, retired Brigadier General Sam Kindred is an experienced veteran and businessperson who knows just how important it is to make his voice heard each election at the polls. Sam grew up hearing stories from his parents about the oppressive (and unconstitutional) hurdles they had to jump through in order to vote. That didn’t deter Sam’s parents, so, as he explains, nothing should deter him now.

While he sees obvious progress in access to the ballot box since his parents’ generation, Sam also expresses his wish that more young people would see our history for what it is, and be compelled by that to value their civic duty.

“We have a short memory span in America,” Sam explains. “We don’t know history very well–especially young people. You know, they don’t understand what folks went through for them to be able to do what they’re doing today.”

While Kindred’s military career was characterized by a relative degree of non-partisanship (whoever the Commander in Chief is, that’s who you’re answering to, because you’re there to serve the country, Sam explains), he goes on to discuss how frustrating it is to hear some politicians devaluing the importance of certain government programs that are known to provide critical safety nets for people who need them, like food stamps.

“There are quite a few of our young soldiers and their families who rely on food stamps,” Sam says. “So, when I hear politicians say ‘I don’t want to extend [food stamps], because it’s a handout…I’m thinking about those young soldiers.”


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