‘Love, Simon’ Might Be One of the Most Important Movies of the Year

“Love, Simon” is a big deal.

  Centered around an average teenage boy, the movie is just as much friendly fun as any other in the “coming of age” rom-com genre. Its characters are accessible all-American kids, its setting is a quiet suburb town, and its schooltime backdrops are populated by all the jocks and nerds we remember from our own pasts.

  But “Love, Simon,” changes up the formula in a big way: the film’s titular character is gay. Simon Spier (played by Nick Robinson) finds himself stuck in the closet while trying to navigate the turbulent waters of growing up, torn between personal truth and outward appearances.

  In this, “Love, Simon” paints a picture of a story vital to the histories of most gay people: coming out while coming of age. By uniting the light-hearted emotionality of Hollywood teenage romance with the unexamined truth of coming to grips with one’s personality, gay teens have finally been gifted something they’ve been missing for decades: a relatable movie.

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